PR 5000s Bring Power And Accuracy To German Rock & Pop Award

Posted: 02-19-2016

PR 5000s Bring Power And Accuracy To German Rock & Pop Award

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PR 5000s Bring Power And Accuracy To German Rock & Pop Award

For the past three decades, the German Rock & Pop Music Association has been hosting the German Rock & Pop Award competition, supporting Germany’s young musicians. It is hugely influential and has been the launch pad for anumber of careers, such as Pur, Yvonne Catterfeld and Mundstuhl.

This year the 33rd edition took place at well knownevents venue, the Siegerlandhalle, in Siegen, with a maximum capacity of 4,300. There were 116 different musical categories, representing all genres — as well as individual musician awards — with the winners decided by a panel of professionals.

PR Lighting’s German partners, FoconShowtechnic, were brought in by technical production company, BST Becker Studio Technik GmbH, to provide quantities of PR Lighting’s powerful PR5000 Spots and Beams, in order to add further impact to the show.

These met the requirement of the light designers, Claudia Cronauer and Christian Konrad. Explained Focon product manager, Jens Ottenhus, “They were looking for powerful moving heads, with a accurate and sharp projection that also delivered a good all-round performance.

The PR 5000 Beam, which formed an important part of this lighting design was extremely bright, and did a great job. It delivered high output intensity and a fat beam.

“As for the PR 5000 Spot, in addition to its accuracy they liked the impressive zoom, up to 68°.”

In fact PR Lighting is now hugely experienced in delivering a full feature set in a reliable chassis, he said. “They do well on every job we put them onto.”

The lighting dynamic on the night was further enhanced by the amount of live mixing and cueing, which also served to build the impact.

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