Model No. PR-5000 Wash Beam

PR 5000 Wash Beam

The PR-5000 Wash Beam is with both wash and beam available in one that makes it easy to be converted via DMX, without any change will be needed. Besides, with 5.3°in highlight mode(Beam) and 15.81°~31.05° linearly zoom.
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Main Features:

  • 1500W short arc discharge lamp with Lok-it! or Fast-fit base

  • Beam Angle:
    Wash: linearly zoom from 15.81° to 31.05°

    Beam: 5.3°in highlight mode

  • DMX512 wireless signal receiver

Other Features:

  • 1500W discharge lamp

  • CYM color mixing + 7 dichroic color filters + linear CTO

  • 7 fixed gobos (all easily interchangeable)

  • Linear zooming

  • 0-100% linearly adjustable dimmer

  • Channels: Short Mode: 13, Standard Mode: 17. Extended Mode: 22

  • Wireless DMX control, optional DMX512 wireless transmitter

  • RDM control protocol

  • Network interface reserved

  • Input signal isolating protection

  • Energy saving function of the ballast

  • Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding, error messages

  • Setup options by chargeable battery inside without power connection

  • The LCD display with the menu in two languages

  • Modular construction for easy maintenance

1 Fixed gobo wheel:

7 interchangeable gobos+ white Shaking and bi-directional wheel scrolling at variable speeds

Gobo diameter: Φ36.3mm

Gobo image diameter: Φ23mm

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