Model No. PR-2353

XR 300 Beam

This fixture produces a super-concentrated parallel beam with an output of 85,579 lx at 20m, which has highly superior and innovative features. It is complete, compact and easy to maintain and install.
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Key features:

  • XR 300 Beam (LED display pannel): PHILIPS MSD Platinum 15R (8,000K) (300W)

  • 1 color wheel with 14 dichroic color filters plus open

  • 1 fixed gobo wheel with 17 gobos plus white

  • Beam Angle 0°4° adjustable

  • DMX 0-100% linearly adjustable focus

  • Double shutter blades, 0.3~20 F.P.S

  • 1 Prism/Frost Wheel with 1 x CTO, 1 x frost and 1 x 8-facet prism plus white

  • Channels: Short Mode: 10, Standard Mode: 14

  • Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism

  • Weight: 16Kg

  • IP20

  • Fixture usage time and software version display

  • Modular construction for easy maintenance

1 Color Wheel:
14 dichroic colour filters plus open

Variable speed and bi-directional rainbow effect

Linear colour changing is available

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