Model No. PR-2720

XR 1000 Spot

Equipped with the OSRAM latest 1000W lamp, XR 1000 Spot produces an intense sparkling light brighter even than traditional 1200W lamp. It features with wide zoom range from 9°~60° as well as rich color and gobo effects and animation effect.
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Key features:

  • OSRAM HTI 1000W/PS Lok-it! (5,800K, PGJX36 socket, 750 hrs), Optional: PHILIPS MSR GoldTM 1000 MiniFastFit(6,000K, PGJX36 socket, 900 hrs)

  • Beam Angle 9°60°, linearly adjustable

  • 1 x 3-facet rotating prism, bi-directional with variable speeds

  • 1 individual frost filter with linear effect

  • Motorized linear focus/ zoom

  • 0-100% linearly adjustable dimmer

  • 5-100% linearly adjustable iris with Macro

  • Double shutter blades, 0.3~25 F.P.S

  • Short mode, 23; Standard mode, 28; Extended mode,35; Self-test mode

  • Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism

  • DMX512, 3 pins and 5 pins interface

  • Energy saving function of the ballast

  • Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding, error messages

  • Input signal isolating protection

  • Modular construction for easy maintenance

  • DMX512 wireless receiver. Optional: DMX512 wireless transmitter

  • RDM control protocol

  • Composite plastic housing, IP20

  • Net weight: 31.5Kg

  • Smooth CYM color mixing system with macros

  • 1 Color wheel: 7 dichroic color filters plus open

  • Half color effect, variable speed and bi-directional rainbow effect

  • Stepping/linear colour changing is available

  • Linear color temperature correction

  • 1 Rotating gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos plus open, glass and metal gobos can be fixed. Bi-drectionally rotating, index, shaking at variable speed and bi-directional scrolling effect

  • 1 Fixed gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos plus open. Shaking at variable speed and bi-directional scrolling effect.

  • 1 Interchangeable effect wheel (ripple or flame effect)
    Bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds

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