PR Lighting's 2024 GETshow Successfully Concluded

On the afternoon of March 6th , 2024, the four-day Getshow by SCEE came to a successful end. During the show, PR Lighting’s booth was very crowded. New and old customers and partners from all over the world came here to have warm exchanges and seek business opportunities.

Technological innovations leading the future has never been a simple slogan. PR Lighting, relying on its years of technology accumulation and industry experience and being market-oriented and driven by technological innovation, has launched a number of sustainably innovative products, created an industry leading development model, and promoted the entertainment equipment industry to keep pace with the times and have green development.

PART 01. PR Lighting SHOWS its Excellence

PR Lighting’s booth covered an area of nearly 450 square meters with a wide range of products on display and their visual effects fashionable and elegant and a number of new products attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to visit and negotiate.

PR Lighting pays attention to innovation and practice with its products’ appearances ingenious and their functions rich and reliable. Not only does its products have advantages such as high illumination, long lifespan, low noise and low energy consumption, but also their ingress protection can be up to IP67. Its products’ beam is very intense and even with high CRI via independently developed high efficient optics, surpassing the expectations for traditional light sources.


AUQA series have waterproof fixtures with energy and environment friendly laser as light sources. They have very strong beam with high intensity and much longer projecting distance. Being close to parallel beam makes them have very high intensity and other characteristics of the beam fixtures. As for dimmer, strobe and other effects, they have some advantages which can’t be exceeded by HID lamps. With ingress protection up to IP66, they are epoch-making new products.

PR- 6000 Framing( 1400W)


XRLED 3000-W Framing

PART 02. Discussions about the Development

On the occasion of the Getshow, we discussed the development together. PR Lighting welcomed guests from all over the world, and many leaders, experts and industry heavyweights came to the show to learn about our new products and experience their new technologies.

The booth was full of people having warm exchanges and the visitors showed great interest in our new products. In response to new products, technologies, and industry trends, our colleagues carefully explained and patiently answered their questions, earning high recognitions from clients all over the world.

PART 03.  Excellence Beyond the Show

During the show, PR Technological Innovation Center, where our company is based, also had infinite highlights synchronically.  

Guests from the show took our designated buses to our base, visited the High-Tech (Lighting) Exhibition Center, intuitively felt the cutting-edge innovative technologies in the market, and entered the cultural and tourism experience center for immersive experience by high integration between innovative technology and art.... And they knew our products, specialty and experienced warm service more directly.

Technologies without Boundaries, But Walking with Light

2024 GETshow has come to a successful end, but as a practitioner and enabler of the sustainable development of the industry, PR Lighting will continue to focus on scientific and technological innovation as its core and high-quality development as its wings, and strive to complete the GREEN exam paper with more than full marks for the industry and clients.

In the future, PR Lighting will always work hand in hand with entertainment equipment industry, and continue to use its industry influence and technical advantages to work with partners to practice technologies without boundaries but walk with the light.

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