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JNR DMX Splitter 1in8
Model No.
JNR DMX Splitter 1in8
DMX512 signal distribution amplifiers for signal relay, distribution and amplification, the input and output ports are used in optical isolation technology, coupled with the brightest power supply completely independent.
  • Each uses a separate power supply, optical isolation, voltage 2500V between the brightest, truly independent output, greatly improve the anti-jamming capability, and to protect the safety of the device

  • On any standard DMX512 signal can be amplified

  • Optical isolation to protect the console from external power supply voltage or surge voltage shock and damage

  • Each amplifier has a set of standard DMX512 signal input. A straight-through output signals, 8 opto-isolated output, and have input and output instructions

  • The power switch, and indicator lights

  • Fuse holder, 1A

  • The power input

  • DMX IN signal input and line output (with signal lights flashing)

  • DMX OUT1-8 represents 4 isolated outputs (with signal lights flashing)

  • Signal Tower: a signal, the two signals -, 3 signal +

  • DMX512 signal input connector DMX IN stick holder, stick holder by the DMX OUT output

  • Each output port can be connected with up to 64 DMX loads