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XRLED 3000-W Framing
Model No.PR-8837
XRLED 3000-W Framing
The XRLED 3000-W Framing is the latest advanced 1200W white LED moving head. In addition to its complete range of spotlight effects, it has an exclusive framing system with endless rotating framing module, designed and patented by PR. It is extremely bright, very powerful and highly efficient for any projects.

Input Voltages

Fan Mode

100V-240V AC,50/60Hz

Standard mode and theater modes.  Theater mode is quiet mode

Input Power

Fixture Types


Including moving head light, fixed-focus profile light, zoom profile light


Moving head light with beam angle range(6-54°)

Power factor: PF>0.95

Fixed focus profile light with beam angle options including 6°,10°,19°,26°,36°,50°

Zoom profile light with beam angle ranges including 6-15°,15-35°,35-54°

Light Sources

(Note: Auto quiet theater mode for fixed focus profile light and zoom profile light)

1200W white LED module (6900K), CRI: Ra≥95, R9≥95

CRI Mode

Running at high CRI mode via DMX channel to ensure high CRI optical effect


Linear CTO system(0-100%, 1800K-6500K)


International standard DMX512 signal and RDM function

Effect Wheel

47channels in short mode, 52channels in standard mode,67channel in extended mode

1 animation effect wheel, bi-directional rotation with varied speeds

Art Net protocol , sCAN protocol(optional), DMX512 wireless control


Control Interface

Linear iris 5-100% with macros

DMX512 ports(5-pin)

Ethernet port RJ45


1pc of 4-facet circular prism+1 pc of linear prism

Other Functions

bi-directional rotation with varied speeds with indexing function

Pan and Tilt speeds adjustable

Pan and Tilt swappable and invertible


High precision magnet sensor for positioning

2 frost filters: 1 heavy frost filter + 1 light frost filter  (0-100% linear )

3.2-inch touch color screen

Chinese and English menus

Beam Angle

Screen automatic lock –up while standby

Linear zoom 6°~  54°with 16 bit precision

Error diagnostic system with sensors

Smart fan cooling system


Display of fixture hours and software versions

Linear focus with auto-focus function

Modular construction for easy maintenance

Isolated input signals


Firmware update via DMX cable or USB port

Linear electronic dimmer 0-100% with 16 bit control

3 dimmer speeds

IP Rating

4 dimmer gamma curves


Dimmer frequency(1.2K-25K)

Operation Temperature


45℃ at Maximum

Electronic strobe, 0.3~25 F.P.S


Head Movement

Net weight 45Kg

Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction and 16 bit control


Advanced Macros

G clamp2   Pcs

Color temperature macros: optional 2700K,3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K,5700K

XLR connector    1   Set    Male and female

Standard color macros: 89 color options

Safety cord2   Pcs

User manual1   Pc

Brightness Calibration Function

Ω clamp2   Pcs   Optional

With brightness calibration function to calibrate initial brightness

for a single fixture or multiple ones and store brightness

values into the fixtures


CMY linear coloring mixing system with macros

Color Wheel

2 Color Wheels

Color wheel1: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Pink,Orange,Open

Color Wheel2: Dark Red,Dark Magenta,Light Yellow,Light Green,Dark Cyan, UV, Open

Bi-directional rainbow effect with variable speeds

Full color/half color/linear color

Fixed Gobo

1 rotating gobo wheel: 6 exchangeable+ open

Bi-directional rotation, indexing, shake with varied speeds

bi-directional scrolling with varied speeds

Rotating Gobo

1 Fixed gobo wheel: 7 exchangeable gobos+ open

Shake effect with varied speeds and bi-directional rotation with varied speeds


Framing module:4 framing blades to make graphics with different sizes and shapes

Each blade to make full curtain effect .Continual and bi-directional rotation for the whole module

Framing module rotates bi-directionally up to 360 °and continually, each framing blade produces full curtain effect

XRLED 3000-W Framing
User manual