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XLED 6022
Model No.PR-8116
XLED 6022
XLED 6022 is a moving head wash lighting fixture with OSRAM 60W, 7 in 1(2700-10000K), 50000 hrs offering infinite color mixing effects and its ZOOM function meeting different requirements of stage designs. With effects like linear Dimmer; Pixel control; electronic strobe; zoom range(3°~68°); effects of kaleidoscope, swirls and other graphics; over-temperature protection.

Input Voltage

Other Function

100V~240V AC,50/60Hz

Lamp cooling: Extruding fins+ fans to ensure efficient cooling for LED lamp

thermal sensor in the head for real time LED temperature monitoring

Input Power

If the temperature is more than 85 Celsius

1400W@220V AC

the system will automatically shut off power from LED lamps

Power factor PF>0.9

Display: TFT true color touch screen, Chinese/English menu, invertible

with buttons Temperature control: If LED lamps are over-temperature

Light Source

their power will be decreased by half

Osram 60W, 7 in 1 (Qty 22pcs,2700-10000K,50000hrs)

If the temperature is normal, LED lamps will go back to full power

Over-temperature protection: built in NTC thermal sensor


if over-temperature occurs, LED lamps stop working

0-100% Linear adjustment, pixel control

Ingress Protection



1~25 F.P.S

Net Weight

Other Effects


With wash, beam and pattern function integrated. Pattern effect mode

(swirl kaleidoscope, snake and etc.), and beam effect by 8 or 36 facet prism

Operation Temperature

Beam effect

ambient temperature-200C~400C

Pan And Tilt


Pan0°~540°, Tilt0°~220, speed adjustable, auto-position correction

Power cable   1   pc

Lens wheel : bi-directional continual rotation

XLR connectors   1   Set    Male and female

Safety cord   1   Pc


User manual   1   Pc

International standard DMX512 signal, 5 pin interfaces and Ethernet interfaces

Clamp   2   Pc    Optional

DMX, Artnet, sACN and Klingnet and preset memory

multiple built-in Chase effect

5 modes for selection, 25,41,157 and 173 DMX channels

and 113 KLingNet designated channels

Beam Angle

Mixing rod with high efficient convex lens  3°~  68°

Color System

6colors: red, green, blue, amber, limeX2, cyan