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PR Lighting
XRLED 3500-W Framing
Model No.PR-8847
XRLED 3500-W Framing
Input voltage

Fixture types

100V-240V AC,50/60Hz

Including moving head light, fixed-focus profile light, zoom profile light

Moving head light with beam angle range(5-50°)

Input power

Fixed focus profile light with beam angle options including 5°,10°,19°,26°,36°,50°


Zoom profile light with beam angle ranges including 5-15°,15-35°,35-50°

(Note: Auto quiet theater mode for fixed focus profile light and zoom profile light)

Light sources

1500W white LED module(6500K, ≥20000hrs)

Brightness calibration function

With brightness calibration function to calibrate initial brightness for


a single fixture or multiple ones and store brightness values into the fixtures

Linear CTO system(0-100%, 1800K-6500K)

Effect wheel

CRI mode

1 animation effect wheel, bi-directional rotation with varied speeds

Running at high CRI mode via DMX channel to ensure high CRI optical effect.



Linear iris 5-100% with macros

International standard DMX512 signal and RDM function

47channels in short mode, 52channels in standard mode,67channel in extended mode


Art Net protocol , sACN protocol, DMX512 wireless control

1pc of 4-facet circular prism+1 pc of linear prism,

bi-directional rotation with varied speeds with indexing function

Control interface

DMX512 ports(5-pin)


Ethernet port RJ45

2 frost filters: 1 heavy frost filter + 1 light frost filter( 0-100% linear )

Beam angle

Other functions

Linear zoom5°~50°with 16 bit precision

Pan and Tilt speeds adjustable

Pan and Tilt swappable and invertible


High precision magnet sensor for positioning

Linear focus with auto-focus function

Built-in rechargeable battery for control panel without mains power

3.2-inch touch color screen, Chinese and English menus,


Screen automatic lock –up while standby

Linear electronic dimmer 0-100% with 16 bit control

Error diagnostic system with sensors, Smart fan cooling system

3 dimmer speeds

Display of fixture hours and software versions

4 dimmer gamma curves

Modular construction for easy maintenance, Isolated input signals

Dimmer frequency(1.2K-25K)

Firmware update via DMX cable


IP rating

Electronic strobe, 0.3~25 F.P.S


Head movement

Operation temperature

Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction and 16 bit control

45℃ at Maximum

Advanced macros

Color temperature macros: optional 2700K,3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K,5700K


Standard color macros: 89 color options based on standard color chart.

Net weight 47.8 Kg

Fan mode

Standard mode and theater modes. Theater mode is quiet mode


CMY linear coloring mixing system with macros

2 Color Wheels

Color Wheels 1Red, Green, Blue, Orange ,Pink, Light cyan,+ open

Color Wheels 2Dark Red, Amber, Tea red, Apple green, Dark magenta,UV+ open

Full color/half color/linear color

Bi-directional rainbow effect with variable speeds

Fixed Gobo

1 rotating gobo wheel: 6 exchangeable+ open

Bi-directional rotation, indexing, shake with varied speeds

bi-directional scrolling with varied speeds

Rotating Gobo

1 Fixed gobo wheel: 7 exchangeable gobos+ open

Shake effect with varied speeds and bi-directional rotation with varied speeds


Framing module:4 framing blades to make graphics with different sizes and shapes

Each blade to make full curtain effect .Continual and bi-directional rotation for the whole module

Framing module rotates bi-directionally up to 360 °and continually, each framing blade produces full curtain effect

XRLED 3500-W Framing Spec
User manual
XRLED 3500-W Framing