Company News
Company News
PR Lighting Welcoms PakisTani Offical Delegation
On the morning of Dec 2nd,a group of 25 senior officials from Pakistan visited PR Lighting’s headquartersin Guangzhou, along with representatives of the Chinese National CommercialDept. As a leading enterprise from the stage lighting industry in China, PRLighting was the only manufacturer from this sector that was selected for theirtour of the city.
PR Lighting Reports Successful Russian Showcase
Asia Music presents dedicated stand at Prolight +Sound NAMM Russia. PR Lighting recently returned from a highly successful product showcase in Moscow at Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia, where the company partnered with territorial distributor Asia Music.
PR Lighting Presents New Product Showcase in Sri Lanka
The island of Sri Lanka recently welcomed its first ever lighting industry networking event as Chinese manufacturer PR Lighting hosted a hugely successful marketing showcase.
PR Lighting Takes Full Advantage, Both During And After PALM 2014
PR Lighting emulated its successful model of last year at the recent 2014 PALM Expo, held at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) in Beijing.
PR Lighting Provides High Impact With High Economy at Prolight+Sound
PR Lighting provided a powerful inventory ofnew products, as well assupport personnel, for this year’s Prolight+Sound Show in Germany, occupying a self-contained wing of the giant stand operated by their German distributor FoconShowtechnic.
Cortmi Gives Expo Exposure to PR Lighting Portfolio
Although the 20-year-old UkrainianMusic Fair (UkrayinskyiMuzychnyiYarmarok2013) in Kyiv is gearedtowards helping support young musicians, there was space for Cortmi Ltd., theterritorial distributors for PR Lighting, to show off some of their keyfixtures.