Guoxiu - Langya staged in Linyi | Dreamed of for a Thousand Years, the Splendid History of Langya is recreated by the Light Show

Recently, the large-scale and six-sense indoor performance show Guoxiu Langya was staged in the ancient city of Yizhou, Linyi City. In Langya Grand Theater, PR Lighting enthusiastically supported the performance, taking Linyi's millennium history and culture as the thread and using multi-space and three-dimensional scenes, advanced lighting equipment and stage machinery to show Linyi's grand history of 3000 years.

Traditional Culture+ Innovative Immersion

Guoxiu Langya is divided into six chapters including YouFeng Laiyi and Qunxian Yaji. From the origin of Dongyi culture to historical figures in Linyi’s history, the six chapters slowly unfold to the audience like six historical scrolls.

With the support of artistic and digital lighting show technology and via image-oriented techniques, the chapter of Qunxian Yaji of them reproduces historical stories such as Liu Hong, Master of Astrology, observing the stars at night and Zhuge Liang borrowing the east wind, creating a sense of touring heaven and earth and exploring the charm of the starry sky and allowing the audience to touch the brilliantly historical picture of Langya in a beautiful and artistic atmosphere.

Revitalizing and Interpreting Millennium History

Three in one fixtures of XR series, Framing fixtures of XRLED series and Wash fixtures of XLED series interact with advanced stage machinery .While maintaining stable performance, they have better color rendering and more perfect functions and are more energy saving and environmentally friendly to revitalize and interpret a legendary Langya world.

The continually rotating framing system with an invention patent can achieve precise graphics by the framing blades and continually rotate the graphics.

Highly saturated colors, linear color mixing system by built-in RGBW/CMY with 0-100% precise and fine adjustment; super wide color gamut and any color precisely mixed. Clear and seamless color change with extreme fade effects.

Highly precise Pan and Tilt, precisely positioning Pan and Tilt with fast and smooth movements and auto positioning correction.

Light engines with big front lens , full, even and solid beam with long projecting distance and sharp edges.

High CRI with Ra≥95,  even colors, high rendering of the original colors and objectives under the beam show colors close to those under the sunlight, which makes the space more transparent.

High standard configuration, the combination of rotating gobo wheel, prism, frost filter and color wheel makes stunning stage effects.

The Light Show Reproduces the Lanya World

Ups and downs in three thousand years with continuous cultures. PR Lighting makes inheritance and innovation coexist via light show technology, injecting vitality into the innovative development of culturally touring industry in Langya Ancient City and creating a new city-level business card of cultural touring in Linyi.

The booking of Guoxiu. Langya has been very popular all over the internet with plenty of good reviews. There are 6 performances per day with 2600 seats fully booked each and the performances run throughout the day... At this moment, an ancient city of Langya is about to cross time, waiting for tourists to embark on a millennium long journey of Langya.

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