Only the Dream of the Red Chamber - Magic City Full of Drama

Only the Dream of the Red Chamber Magic City full of Drama ,This is another Only series by Wang Chaoge,After 8 years in production, it has brought an incredibly immersive experience, presenting the reader story of The Dream of the Red Chamber over the past 300 years.

The Magic City is located in the core of the integrated area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, i.e. ,in Guangyang District, Langfang City, and a provincial and ministerial level cooperated project between Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Hebei Province. It has 4 large indoor theaters, 8 small indoor theaters, 108 scene spaces and outdoor theaters with performance over 800 minutes.

Based on the classical Chinese literature the Dream of the Red Chamber, the landscape design concep incorporates the latest scene installing art and stage immersion technology with varying sceneries while you moving steps and maze and magic mirror visual effects , depicting the Dream of the Red Chamber  in everyone's heart.

PART 01. What is Only the Dream of the Red Chamber?

This is a city, born for readers. As director Wang Chaoge said, she does not focus on the text of the Dream of the Red Chamber, but rather as its reader.

"A thousand people have a thousand copies of the Dream of the Red Chamber', right? i.e. , those who read the Dream of the Red Chamber actually read it differently with different situations at different times and places. You and I are completely different and the Dream of the Red Chamber you and I read must be different. Thus, reading it is also a huge the Dream of the Red Chamber," said Wang Chaoge.

"Only Dream of the Red Chamber. Magic City full of Drama has broken the traditional mode of static viewing in theatrical performance, integrating scene installing art and environmental immersion technology, which is a great innovation for theatrical expression form like the one in the magic space. The various theatrical performances in Dream Langfang .International Drama Park have excellent artistic standards and audience participating forms, providing a good soil for the popularization of theatrical culture!".

——Lemi Ponifasio

Speaker of International Dance Day and Ambassador for World Theatre

PART 02. Only the touch of Red  in the Dream of the Red Chamber

The red in the Dream of Red Chamber is not a single red, but a diverse and colorful red.

Red is the main color tone of the Dream of the Red Chamber with bright red, peach red, crimson, apricot red, purple red, rose red, pomegranate red, rouge red, and begonia red throughout the book, manifested in the plot and fate of characters, clothing and costumes, architectural designs and room decoration.

In Chinese culture, red represents auspiciousness, joy, grandeur, and prosperity. In the Dream of the Red Chamber, red is not only a manifestation of these external cultural forms, but also a magic portrayal of the fate of the characters in the book.

PART 03. Innovation and Practice • Interpretation of Eastern Aesthetic

PR Lighting, a professional intelligent stage lighting fixture manufacturer, pays attention to innovation and practice. Via the artistic interpretation of a series of high-quality waterproof fixtures such as the three in one fixtures and waterproof framing ones, they realize higher color reproduction and better functions ,and are more energy and environmentally friendly while maintaining stable performance.

Built-in CMY linear color mixing system, precise and infinite adjustment from 1% to 100%; Ultra wide color gamut, capable of accurately producing any color. Clear and seamless color transitions without flickering, smooth without shaking and with excellent fading effects.

With Ra ≥ 95, the beam is even and items under it are highly rendered with their color similar to the color under natural light, making the space appear more transparent.

Featuring low energy consumption, long lifespan, green and environmentally friendly, compact and etc. , its beam is uniform and soft with vibrant and rich colors. Whether it's creating a grand scene or a charming atmosphere, it instantly makes tourists attracted to the play with emotions and stay with it.

The scenes in the Magic City have certain limitations. A series of high-quality waterproof fixtures of the PR Lighting are in the Magic City with the area of 228 mu, adding more elements to it.

Overlooking view of the Magic City

Construction site

Based on the environmental and architectural characteristics of the scene, compact and highly waterproof lighting fixtures can naturally blend into the environment according to the designer's designs without appearing abrupt. Every time you pass through a door, it will be a time travel, narrating the broader Red Chamber World beyond the classic via the light show.

As an honor work in the pursuit of traditional Chinese culture, Only the Dream of the Red Chamber•The Magic City Full of Drama will open a door for domestic and foreign tourists to explore Chinese culture, becoming a new landmark and model for the integration and development of culture and tourism.

PR Lighting interprets the stories of the readers of the Dream of Red Chambers, injecting a strong cultural core into the cultural tourism for the Dream Langfang. When Eastern aesthetic classics encounter light and technology, the texture of red is accurately presented, and the cultural significance of red is clearly reflected, creative transformation and innovative development are achieved, making this classic masterpiece the Dream of the Red Chamber that has been passed down for hundreds of years shine with the spirit and significance of the times.

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