PR Lighting Empowers the Reappearance of Chinese Civilization

At the beginning of New Year's Day, the dawn of the New Year fully shines the earth, and the long Qishui River and the light beams complement each other. At Lutai Altar in Chaoge Cultural Park in Hebi Demonstration Zone in Henan Province, PR Lighting’s intelligent and waterproof beam fixtures staged a light show on the New Year’s Day called Setting fire to Lutai Altar with its history about some thousand years for the visitors. Lutai Altar Square was crowded with bright light beams, and happy people in city of Hebi welcomed the New Year with the light show.

  • Gods Creating Lutai Altar by the Qishui River

At 7 o'clock in the evening, as countless light beams gathered in the night sky, a light show called Setting fire to Lutai Altar based on Kingdom of Storms ·Light from Hebi slowly began with four chapters: Creation, Heroes, Civilization, and Ritual Music, which showcases the long history of Chinese culture and the cultural characteristics of Chaoge to the visitors.

Taking inspiration from the unique Chaoge culture of the Lutai Altar, Setting fire to Lutai Altar allows the visitors to experience the warmth of the story of Creation of Gods at first hand, and produces an large-scale immersive space about the national cultures with the help of fantastic light beams by intelligent and waterproof beam fixture, the splendid civilization for thousands years of the Qishui River and the artistic expression of human feelings in the new era .

Lutai Altar is a landmark building of the Chaoge Cultural Park in Hebi City with a construction area of about 20,000 square meters, which is based on the Lutai Altar and the "Creation of Gods" as cultural roots and adopts the architectural form of high platforms of the Shang Dynasty's "Four Sectional Roof , Roof made of thatch and Steps made of Mud  and Mud Wall with Timbers inside ".

In order to match architectural style to the full extent, PR Lighting adopts the beam fixtures with custom white color for the project based on local conditions. Even if a large number of lighting fixtures are placed around the Lutai Altar, the effect of Seeing  light but not Fixtures can be achieved.

  • Great Altar above the clouds while colorful phoenixes dance around

The sharp and solid beam of the intelligent and waterproof lighting fixture creates highly bright effect like stage spotlight , injecting new vitality into the Lutai altar. The beam fixture is with a unique optical system, and the powerful light source throws straight, pure, and bright beams towards Lutai altar in the dark.

Multi-layer light shows like phoenixes spreading their wings on the stage bringing excellent visual effects coupled with grand music won applauses from the visitors.

Kingdom of Storms is a large-scale immersive experience project that Hebi strives to create about Chinese culture with the culture of Creation of Gods, Book of Songs and Qishui River. PR Lighting with the empowerment of Chaoge culture by the light show and a dreamlike feeling via high-tech interactive experience brings the reappearance of Chinese civilization by national culture plus light show technologies.

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