PR Lighting News | A large-scale immersive building 3D Mapping epic light show The Spring Comes from Taihang Mountains

Under the guidance of Xingtai Municipal Bureaus of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, jointly produced by Xingtai Municipal Culture and Tourism Group and Yongqi Technology Group, released by Xingtai Municipal communication Bureau and designed mainly by Beijing Heyu Culture and Technology with the all-out help by PR Lighting, a large-scale immersive building 3D Mapping epic light show The Spring Comes from Taihang Mountains was officially staged in Xingtai City, Hebei Province recently which enjoys the reputation of Taihang Spring City.

Dreamy light carries the cultural heritage of Taihang Spring City

Someone standing in the Taihang Spring City means being in a historical corridor that has been for thousands of years.

The Spring comes from Taihang Mountains has multiple artistic chapters with timeline vertically running as its main axis and horizontally encompassing history, technology, art and folk legends containing everything, fully interpreting the spiritual core of the ancient city.

With light refractions, the ancient city with a history of 3500 years breaks through the limitations of traditional light shows and combined with  artistic light techniques such as being panoramic, dreamlike and interactive achieves an effect of1+1>2, perfectly presenting the epic light performance of The Spring comes from Taihang Moutains in Xingtai.

Culture plus Technology accelerates the deep integration of culture and tourism

Different from the traditional night show performance mode, the performance of The Spring comes from Taihang Mountains adopts multiple leading domestic technologies breaking through the spatial limitations of traditional light shows and the boundaries of time and space and allows tourists to immerse themselves in the experience of The Spring City going through history, penetrating their minds and hearts.

AQUA 380 BWS supplied by PR Lighting for the project is used to outline the most beautiful night pictures of Taihang Spring City which are illustrated by holographic images via the rendering by the fixture matrix in the front water area. The fixture has significant advantages such as long lifespan, low power consumption, high luminance, and being environmentally friendly and energy saving.

  • With a super wide 160mm front lens and a 2.5 ° narrow beam angle, the beam is full and solid , providing an unparalleled panoramic view and meeting the needs of clear viewing in all directions.

  • 12 rotating gobos,11 fixed gobos, 3 prisms and deep frost filter to create rich and variable light effects.

  • IP66,all-weather and 360°protection,waterproof; moisture-proof;dustproof and impact resistant;cold, high temperature and corrosion-resistant. The housing is made of high tensile die cast aluminum alloy+UV resistant ABS via integrated molding; structurally stable and long-time outdoor application without fear for harsh conditions.

PR-2366 Series | AQUA 380 BWS

The Story about The Spring Comes from Taihang Mountains illustrated by light show

Visual director Zhang Long introduced that the visual content of The Spring comes from Taihang Mountains continues the previous stunning effects and challenges the new limit of ultra wide aspect ration this time. The main building for the 3D Mapping performance has a projecting length of nearly 500 meters and a total visible frame area of 12000 square meters, which is a pioneer in light performance in Hebei Province and even in China.

Executive Director Liu Jing introduced that the performance is set against the backdrop of the pleasant scenery along the Qili River in Taihang Spring City combined with the fixture matrix in the front water area and creatively adds a special aircraft (Xuanniao) to perform while flying, connecting the sky, earth, water, and people into a whole with full consideration for future multiple formats like water stages, space extension for actor performance and etc. creating a flexible and versatile operational mechanism for the link between water and land.

Light is the core presenting form of the performance. screenwriter Xiao Yunong said:The Spring Comes from the Taihang Mountains uses spring as the cultural medium and light as the means of presentation. The two complement each other. Spring is the source, the source of life, and the beginning of all things. Light is the dawn, shining on China and living endlessly. "

Zhao Yi, the chief light designer, introduced: "The performance fully combines various latest lighting equipment, presenting the cultural origin and direction of the spring through the light beams and symbolizing the spark of civilization is a powerful interpretation to the ancient city of Xingtai at the foot of the Taihang Mountains."

The Spring comes from Taihang Mountains project uses light technology as a way with profound cultural accumulation as the core, leading the current development of cultural and tourism integration, promoting the integration of catering, tourism, and accommodation, fully stimulating the potential of night consumption in Xingtai, driving the rapid development of the local economy and creating a distinctive urban business card.

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