Peacock Returns | Yang Liping Specially Plays the Chapter of Winter , illustrating the Light of Life

Peacock, a classic stage image created by famous dance artist Yang Liping and adapted from her famous work Spirit of the Peacock, was launched in 2012. After Peacock was launched, it received a lot of positive reviews and attracted many viewers. After ten years, Yang Liping wants to tell a richer and deeper story about the peacock.

The 2022 version of the dance drama Peacock was directed by the famous dance artist Yang Liping who invited the Oscar winner of the Best Art Design Award and famous visual artist Ye Jintian and other super teams for the artwork. Brand new stage forms and comprehensive recasting absorb the essence of Yang Liping's dance art.

After the premiere of the recast dance drama Peacock in Kunming in September 2022, it officially kicked off its national tour. So far, it has been shown in 27 cities and completed its 100th performance on the stage of Guangzhou Opera House at the end of June this year, attracting more than 100,000 audiences in total and receiving applause and praise from Guangzhou audiences for the romantic and magnificent New Oriental Aesthetics.

"The Peacock is a wonderful dance drama which tells a story about nature, life, growth, humanity and love. It flows in my body and expresses itself with emotion." said Yang Liping.

In particular, Yang Liping performs the chapter of Winter in person

Yang Liping, with her unique dance language and the beauty of life in different stages, plays the Chapter of Winter in person. During seasonal cycle of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, all things wither and a moment of silence falls, but the peacock dances in the snow after being reborn from nirvana performing the beauty of life.

Peacocks in spring, summer, autumn, and winter perform the beauty of life

In the 2022 version dance drama Peacock, more eastern aesthetics are integrated into stage art creation and the story is about the eternal themes of life and love. Through stage art forms, the story portrays the common feelings of humanity and conveys to the audience the artist's thinking and understanding of art and life in the process of her growing up.

The artist Yang Liping has insisted on telling the story of peacock for many years. She has always been a practitioner and defender of the inheritance and sublimation of national culture.

PR Lighting is lucky to participate in Yang Liping's dance art creation and witnessed that teacher Yang Liping became a peacock telling the story of peacock and practicing the inheritance and sublimation of national culture with vivid and visible stage effects.

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