PR AQUA Beams Add Drama To SLOVAK Cup Multimedia Show

The SlovakVolleyball Federation recently contracted laser specialists, Kvant, to providea spectacular multimedia show for the Superfinals of the Slovak Cup, at theEurovia Arena in Bratislava.  

The clientswere looking for a high-quality ‘curtain raiser’ for the opening of the Men’sand Women’s finals, and to entertain the audience between the breaks. Followingthe Finals, there was a live performance as the winners were announced.  Helping to boost the extravaganza were 24Aqua 580 Beam from PR Lighting.

Thespectacular itself was designed by Martin Gabco, Kvant's show designer, withlighting, laser beam and graphics all operating to time-code. While Kvantfielded 10 of their ClubMax 10W lasers and four Spectrum 30W lasers, some ofthe PR Lighting pieces were set on the balconies around the hall, some combinedin a floor package behind the LED perimeter, and some were rigged above the fieldof play, on local overhead catenaries as the coherent beams of the lasersweaved their magic.

Kvant favour the PR Aqua 580 Beam for its supreme powerand waterproof rating, and as such they stock it exclusively in their rentalinventory. The fixture itself iswaterproof (IP66-rated) and produces a powerful output from a Philips 25R 550Wengine which is calibrated at 7800K. Housing PR's patent optics and a tight2-degree beam angle the fixture is packed with advanced features.

Projectingover a distance of approximately 50 metres the PR Lighting pieces decorated andboosted the ambience around the hall—which was particularly effective since thelasers were not sufficient to fill the entire space alone. In fact while thelasers were used solely for the opening multimedia shows, the automatedlighting was in action permanently throughout the day, under the control of agrandMA3 (with Pangolin Beyond software running the lasers).

Commentingon the high impact of the Aqua 580 Beam, a spokesman for the organisers, said,“Since these lighting fixtures have a powerful beam, it looked incredibleimpressive. The atmosphere in the arena was far more dramatic whenever thelights were switched on.”