PR Lighting on the Parkway Drive European tour

PR Lighting’s popular 5000 Series has been proving popular on the European tour of Australian new wave metal band, Parkway Drive.

Audiences of up to 4,000 recently witnessed impressive light show at 19 shows across the continent — designed without compromise by Austrian company, Along with lighting designer Gunnar Loose, Kames and systemtechnician Markus Fichtler, developed a technical setup that met allrequirements of the show.

Multiples of PR Lighting’s PR-5000 Spot and PR-5000 Beam were selected for their advanced featureset. But the intensive tour schedule, with long drives between the locations, challenged the logistics and this became a furtherreason for specifying PR Lighting’s PR-5000 Series. Notes Jens Ottenhus from German distributors, Focon Showtechnic. “With its 1.5 kW discharge lamps and aweight of just 48kgit offered the best possibility. We only needed to use 12 Spots and 12 Beams to produce a huge light output with low weight and pack sizes and faster handling. It matches incredible performance with high practicability — so the tour became successful in every sense.”