PR Lighting on tour with El ChaqueñoPalavecino

Known as ‘ElChaqueñoPalavecino’, in reference to being born in the Province of Chaco,Argentina, Oscar Palavecino undertook a recent theatretour, with an inventory of sound, lighting and LED screens provided by Buenos Aires-based CaioSonido, andincluding a large number of fixtures from PR Lighting.  

The tour comprised inexcess of eight shows in different cities — all within the province of BuenosAires.

The lighting rig wasscalable, depending on venue size, but the full inventory of PR Lightingfixtures comprised 16x PR Junior BWS 350; 8x XR1000 Spot and 8x XRLED 590. Theseconformed to the rider prepared for the tour between ChaqueñoPalavecino’sproduction team and CaioSonido.

On the productionside, the team responsible were lighting engineer,Cristian Saieg, supported by CaioSonido’s president and founder, RicardoOlivares and Guillermo Wheeler.

Stated CaioSonido’sJuan Olivares, “The powerful lamp of the PR Junior BWS 350 created a constantlymesmerising lightshow so that sometimes you forgot about the artist and weretransfixed just watching the performance of the lights.

“The PR 590 LED Washalso helped build the atmosphere. We used cold colours to recreate the clarityof the environment and warm colours to recreate the heat of the Province of Chaco.”

Summing up, JuanOlivares said the selection of PR Lighting fixtures had been a logical choice.“PR Lighting’s portfolio provides everything an artist needs to enhance theirimage onstage—whether it is with the variety of gobos on the Spot, the sheerpower of the Beam and the wide-reaching atmospheres that the Wash offers.

“In addition, PRLighting offers an excellent price/quality ratio. CaioSonido has been a PRLighting customer for 12 years, with more than 150 products, and we are greatlysatisfied with the performance and durability of the equipment.”

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