PR Lighting in action at Festival del Pescado y el Vino 2019

One of the major annual events to mark the start of the new year in Argentina is the three-day Festival del Pescado y el Vino 2019 on the south coast of Gualeguaychú, 200km from Buenos Aires.

Organised by the government of Gualeguaychú, for the second consecutive year CaioSonido provided all the technical services, including a number of moving heads from PR Lighting, as well as sound, LED screen, stage structures and power.

The main artists performing were singer/guitarist NahuelPennisi, and pop/folk group Los Nocheros. The lighting design was carried out by CaioSonido president, Ricardo Olivares, and his team of lighting technicians, and the board was operated by Guillermo Wheeler. Central to their design, were 16x PR Lighting XR 1000 Spot and 18x XR 300 Beam above the stage. In addition there were four sound towers in each of which a further 4x XR 300 Beam were placed.

Housing an Osram 1000W lamp, XR 1000 Spot produces an intense light and features a wide zoom range from 9°-60° as well as rich colour, gobo and animation effects. The XR 300 Beam, equipped with 300W Platinum 15R lamp and convex lens, produces a super-concentrated parallel beam with an incredible output.

According to the company’s Juan Olivares, the moving heads in the sound towers made a play of lights focused towards the sky, enabling the entire city to attend La Fiesta del Pescado y el Vino. As for the stage, he said, this was widely used to create atmosphere with the moving wash lights. Taking full advantage of the large number of gobos, the 16x XR1000 Spot and 18x XR 300 Beam unleashed the full power that these fixtures contain.

Explaining the product selection, Juan said, “We chose the XR 300 Beams for their great durability and fidelity. Gualeguaychú is a city with a lot of humidity and these moving heads respond excellently in these weather conditions. The XR 300 Beam is one of the moving heads that has given our company a lot of success. As for the XR1000 Spot, these were chosen for the variety of gobos they can accommodate.”

The result, he said, had been a major success, both forCaioSonido and for the organisers of the event.On the busiest day there were around 50,000 people present.

“The largest carnival in Argentina is held in the city of Gualeguaychú, as it’s a very cheerful and colourful city. The organizers were extremely happy because La Fiesta del Pescado y el Vino worked well alongside the amount of colour that characterises Gualeguaychú,” he concluded.