PR Lighting's Versatile XR 440 BWS Dances On German TV

When Let’s Dance, the German version of Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing, celebrated its 10th anniversary series recently, lighting designer David Kreilemann decided to place special emphasis on the versatile and powerful XR 440 BWS moving head from PR Lighting.

He could see this fixture, which integrates Spot, Wash and Beam witha superb optical system, performing all manner of duties. He therefore requisitioned 22 of the heads from rental company MLS.

"The powerful hybrid lamp impresses with its efficient sharp projection in both the Spot and the Beam modes,” says Kreilemann. “Even with slow rotations of the gobos and prisms, there are no visible jerks in the movement whatsoever. In fact, the two prisms, which can morph and contra-rotate with respect to each other, are absolutely brilliant on the XR 440 BWS.”

He says that this enables unprecedented effects to be produced. “Due to the enormous brightness of the lamp source, it is possible, for example with two prisms, with or without gobos, to produce fantastic beam effects across a really strong zoom range.

“I am looking forward to working with this lamp in future shows."

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